Leigh Claxton Founder/Owner

In the summer of 2009, Leigh Claxton started teaching floating yoga classes in Sausalito, Ca as OnBoardSUP Yoga. In addition to her many yoga and fitness certifications, she is a stand up paddle PSUPA/ASI/WSUPA certified master instructor and teaches SUP yoga and fitness classes. OnboardSUP holds certifications and teacher training on the water.
With a 20 year background in fitness and yoga, 17 years of outdoor classes of many kinds and having grown up on the water, she shares her knowledge and takes full advantage of all there is around, making the most of the many different conditions that present on a daily basis.



Carrie started taking SUP Yoga as a student in 2011. After attending classes several times a week for a year, she became a certified yoga instructor and enrolled in our OnBoardSUP Yoga Instructor Certification Program.  Most Saturdays and Sundays you can find Carrie assisting or teaching classes in Sausalito. She brings a great, positive attitude to the program and she shares her knowledge of the Bay and Sausalito with us all. She teaches in Sausalito and also at our program at 101 Surf Sports.



 Lynne sought out yoga as an escape from the frenetic pace of New York City in late 90s. After several years of gentle Hatha and conquering her fear of headstand, the field was wide-open with forays into Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram, and Power Yoga, before settling into a regular Vinyasa flow practice in the Bay Area. She completed an RYS-200 certification with Himalaya Yoga Valley in Dharamsala India in 2010 and a 2013 certification with Leigh Claxton at OnBoardSUP Yoga in Sausalito. She teaches a well-balanced flow class that focuses on correct alignment. She loves to share the experience of yoga with others for both the physical challenge and the potential for inner peace.




Arline completed her PSUPA Instructor Training through OnBoardSUP in August 2012. She is also a Certified World Stand Up Paddle Association Instructor. Arline’s love of water sports began the moment she learned to swim. She later became a lifeguard and water safety instructor while attending college. She has also participated in masters open water swimming competitions. She just can’t stay away from the water! Arline is a teacher by profession. It seems a natural progression for her to share her new passion for SUP. As an instructor, she melds her ability to teach and empower. She openly shares her joy for this sport that improves balance, core strength and peace of mind.



 My yoga practice began as the result of an intervention. My co-workers at a San Francisco dot-com ganged up and told me that it would be better for office morale if I went and took a yoga class. “Yoga?! Are you kidding? Isn’t that for hippies and vegetarians?” At the time, I had a mohawk hairdo and wore a lot of black. “no, no!” Said the cheerful sales-rep who shared my office, “This yoga is like boot-camp, you’ll love it!”.  Now, 15 years after I took my first class, I teach both Power Yoga and Bikram Yoga in San Rafael at the studios I own with my husband. I’ve assisted Baron Baptiste on his retreats and workshops, and regularly visit at the Bikram Teacher Trainings to stay connected to my teachers and yoga peers. I have yoga to thank for making so many of my dreams come true. I teach The Yoga/Fitness with OnBoardSUP in SanRafael and love to do events and workshops in Sausalito.







Robyn has always had a passion for water sports.  Having grown up a competitive swimmer she is now an avid surfer and tri-athlete.   For the past twelve years, she has routinely practiced many different styles of yoga.   Recently, She completed an intensive 300 hour Vinyasa teacher certification under esteemed Yogi and teacher, Stephanie Snyder.  Robyn found an instant love for Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga blending her passion for water sports, nature and yoga.  She specifically enjoys the combination of serenity nature provides with the challenge of doing yoga in a fluid ever changing environment.  Robyn has been a certified OnBoardSUP yoga instructor since April 2013.  Robyn currently serves as a teacher and marketing consultant for OnBoardSUP in Sausalito.  You may find Robyn in numerous studios in California or traveling the world providing services for either of her two companies.  Balanza Escapes coordinates yoga adventure retreats while SavvyYogi provides marketing and business expertise to fitness based businesses and studios.










Jenn is a yoga teacher and life coach passionate about people, the earth, the ocean, and the connections in-between. She has had the honor and pleasure of traveling the world as a student and as a teacher and is continually fascinated by the people, life and energy she is greeted with. Her inquisitive nature makes every moment with her feel full of possibility- within that space fresh wisdom seems to flow. This is obvious in her coaching sessions and in her yoga classes where transformation abounds. On land she teaches a lively, powerful, Baptist inspired Vinyasa class while on the water it is all about the flow.  She completed her stand up paddle yoga training with OnBoardSUP in 2010. Her life’s work is to help tap into their own energy and create lives of health, happiness, prosperity and well-being.



Since 2000, Islena Faircrest brings to bear thirteen years experience teaching yoga to all ages, stages & types. An educator, writer, holistic bodyworker & ardent Yoga lifestyler, she’s written for Yoga periodicals, taught retreats, Yoga Training intensives, and Teacher Trainings in the US, Canada, and Costa Rica. She has been teaching Stand Up paddle Yoga in Half Moon Bay and did her teacher training with OnBoardSUP in June 2013.  Stepping in as an OnBoardSUP Yoga instructor and expanding OnBoardSUP Yoga to Half Moon Bay and teaching in Sausalito.  A fun loving yogini recognized for classes that inspire a learning environment relevant to all, Islena was co-owner of a premiere Yoga Centre in western Canada, which she merged with a neighboring yoga studio to create a stronger localized community.




Evan Silberstein is a thoughtful, compassionate and experienced yoga instructor. Adept at working in a highly personal regard, he crafts lessons in a language that is easily understood, integrated and enjoyed by his classes.
After ten years of island life in the majestic waters of the Hawaiian Islands, Evan has grown into a dedicated stand up paddle yogi, surfer and adventurer.  He proudly completed his OnBoardSUP Yoga certification here in Sausalito in February of 2013.  His other professional certifications include: Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at the Amrit Yoga Institute and Yoga Nidra Facilitator from Yoga Pura. Evan holds a JD in Environmental Law from the University of Hawaii and an ABA in Anthropology from Arizona State University.