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OnBoardSUP Classes are traditional Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Core classes taught on the water on floating boards. Your mat is a Stand Up Paddleboard; the world is your studio and all of the elements have been invited: Sun, Wind, Water and Earth.  Enjoy learning while adapting to the motion of the board. The continuous challenge to balance, the instant instability created by minor energy and weight shifts, require you to ground while afloat. Change is the only constant in life.

On the water we learn to flow and enjoy the ride. Classes are 75 minutes long.  We practice Wednesdays and Sundays, all year long, among the seals in beautiful Richardson Bay.

 Buy & send gift certificates online (Click on package above)!  Classes are $35 each.
Packages of 10 Classes ($325) or 20 Classes ($600) make great gifts.





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